How much will my ad cost?

Enter width and height of ad in this form and prices will be calculated. ($5 per column inch).


This size is classified only

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See frequency discount question below for our “Buy-one-get-one-half-off deal”.

See $35 article offer below for an advertising alternative

Is there a nonprofit discount?

Nonprofits receive a 25% discount. Enter width and height to see nonprofit ad rates. (No discount on classifieds)


This size is classified only

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Is there a frequency discount?

Receive a buy-one-get-one-50% off for consecutive runs twice per month. (Does not apply to full page ads). The prices alternate after the second run, for example:

Jan. 1 ad – full price
Jan 15 rerun – 1/2 price
Feb. 1 – full price
Feb. 15 rerun – 1/2 price

Deal still applies if your first ad starts with the mid-month issue on the 15th, for example:

Jan. 15 ad – full price
Feb. 1 rerun – 1/2 price
Feb. 15 – full price
Mar. 1 rerun – 1/2 price

There are no other frequency discounts as all rates are set to the lowest price.

$35 article - Get the word out without messing with display ads!

The Kohler Villager is now offering businesses and organizations the opportunity to submit a 300-word text-only article or press release promoting their business or event without having to buy an ad. The cost is $36. This article won’t get prime placement like a display ad would, but it’s a great way to promote your business or event without having to mess with display ad design. The article must be submitted and paid for online by the deadlines. (Does not qualify for the buy-one-get-one-half-off deal or nonprofit discount).

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How do I order a classified ad?






Classified ads are $5 for 40 words or
less (size 2″ x 1″).


  • Mail ad and payment for each run to:

The Kohler Villager
219 Church St.
Kohler, WI 53044

Will you publish my press release or event details?

Advertisers get a free article or release for every ad they run.

Or . . .

For $35, you may submit a 300-word text-only article promoting an event or business/service. The article must be submitted and paid for online before publication.

Press releases should be brief and proofread before being submitted. (Posters, brochures and fliers are considered display ads, due to the amount of space they take up on a page, and will be billed as advertising).

Does The Kohler Villager donate ads for fundraisers?

The Kohler Villager gets many requests to donate its product/services. But while most area newspapers charge a subscription fee on top of what they make in advertising revenue, as a public service to the residents of Kohler, The Kohler Villager absorbs the printing and postage costs so that all residents receive the paper for free. A free paper along with low rates and a nonprofit discount are how The Kohler Villager gives to the community each month.

Event organizers should budget for newspaper advertising just as they budget for trophies, medals, food, T-shirts, posters, mailers, tickets, entertainment, and other items. The Kohler Villager does offer 25% off ads for nonprofits (excluding full page ads).

What is The Kohler Villager circulation?

1,100 are printed and mailed to all residents and businesses in Kohler.

Newsstand copies are available at:

  • Woodlake Market in Kohler
  • Sheboygan Falls Piggly Wiggly
  • Sports Core in Kohler
  • Kohler Credit Union in Kohler
  • Kohler High School Office

Where can I view a media kit?

Click here! 2016 rates

How am I billed?

Advertisers are invoiced every month around the 15th of the month.

Contact The Kohler Villager

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The Kohler Villager
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Circulation: 1,400 copies on the first of every month, 1,200 mid-month issues

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